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The hassle of starting airsoft...


I'm just writting to express my insatisfaction, and I'm probably not the first one, but i'll do it still.

I'm 23 years old and I live in the montreal area.

Serveral of my friends and I want to play around with airsofts back at our country houses, play together before we actually go play in organized game. Being a newbie always suck.

There seem to be a general concensus about the fact the the best place to start buying stuff is from the classfied. But hey, since i'm not age verified I just can't access de page. I've tried contacting 4 age verifiers in my area and none of them ever answered. I'm told I should go to a game and get verified there (if ever there is an age verifier at the particular game that fits my scheadule). But seriously, what the hell.

We ended up wasting money on total crap airguns for buyairsoft, just to test out and see if we could have fun. Now i either have a choice of G&G guns from 007/March1/Shootsoft etc or crap guns from buyairsoft.

I mean i see you guys that want to promote the sport, bring people, reduces de gun costs, but in the other hand make it so complicated to get in the sport. I just don't get it.

I know you want to keep under age people from playing for legal issues and for maturity purpose of having a more pleasurable time blogging/playing. But let's face it, any underage can go the site above mentionned and buy guns.

Lets just all take a time and re-think this hole idea. It's holding a lot of people back.

My 0.2 cents

PS: would somebody have the kindness of verifing me.

Lets face it
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