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I believe CA is a clone of G&G and I have had first hand experience with G&G M14's and hate them with a passion. TM or bust for M14's for me or at least a TM compatible clone like KART or AGM that you can get good internal parts for.

EBR's are VERY front heavy. You can get a Chinese brand EBR for cheap enough, KART/ECHO1 sell for US$200-300 so if you can find one in Canada hopefully ~$500 ballpark. They are potmetal though, if you want a really good EBR that means either a G&P or KA kit or whole EBR. The kits to turn a TM M14 into an EBR run $500-1200 depending on the type (cast aluminum being the low price end, CNC'ed solid billet aluminum being the top end.)

KA 110rnd mags are crap, don't ever buy them. G&P midcaps are also famous for jamming, hit em against the ground and they work again, even lubing them doesn't always help. I have had good experience with TM, KA, and Deep Fire 70rnd mags and TM hicaps. Don't buy hicaps unless its a TM.

M14's are by far my favorite AEG type, I will take an M14 over a SystemA PTW anyday. Amazing range, accuracy, airseal, hopup design, very fine hopup adjustment, and the bolt makes you cum in your pants a little. STAR can be hit or miss, they have been known off and on for bad pistons, gears, airseal and pretty consistently bad motors. Some STAR guns come out of the box not firing at all (though that is rare) while others can go for 25k rnds and still work fine. STAR is also famous for fixed charging handles.

At the moment I am considering setting up my EBR for CQB (350fps full auto), get a SOCOM M14 for a field gun (400fps full auto), and keep my full sized M14 as a only sniper rifle (450fps semi only.)

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