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Is CA a good make for a newb?
Yes if you can afford it. CA is one of the best brands out there besides systema IMO.

will I have issues getting parts for it if things break?
Absolutely not. Internal upgrade parts aren't compatible by brand to brand but by the version of the gearbox. That gun has a ver.2 gearbox (the most common); every part no matter what brand for the most part that fits a ver. 2 gearbox will work in your gun. And every part in the gearbox is replaceable. Same for the most part with external.a
will I have issues upgrading it later (should I choose)
*see above paragraph *
Honestly, that gun looks very cool and is a good brand. I say go for it if you can afford it. You can't go wrong with CA. The only downside about that is that it takes slightly harder to find mags. But you should be able to find spares for sure. Kindof makes me wish i would have got this instead of my CA m15a4......

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