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CA AR-10 as a first AEG?

So I was considering a scar for my first AEG but for some reason, the more I look at them, the more I get turned off by it's looks (I think the butt reminds me of an m60 butt and it turns me off). Having been in the reserves the draw is there for a c9/m249 which I used to carry but I don't think it would be a good AEG to start skirmishing with.

M16's and m4's are way too common for me (yes, I like being different). I don't want something small, I actually want something larger (I am not a small guy). Then I stumbled onto the CA AR-10.

Larger size and weight: check
less common : check
sexy looks : check
tactical rails to add toys/accessories: check
semi and full auto: check

right out of the box it appears to have almost everything I want.

It can take a grenade launcher for more of an assault type roll (or look)
can take scopes if I want to try to convert it to more of a DMR
can take an aimpoint for regular days.

Is CA a good make for a newb?
will I have issues getting parts for it if things break?
will I have issues upgrading it later (should I choose)
the only accessory I'm concerned about are mags, are there any mid or low caps available? I didn't see any on the CA website and have no clue about compatibility.
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