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Originally Posted by szetor View Post
Hey TCLP, what kind of paint did you use?? The finish looks a bit too shiny..

maybe you can repaint with some Krylon Matte Black?
I was also thinking you could just paint the INSIDE of the lower receiver .. then the trades would show.. anyone do something like that yet? i'm interested to see what that looks like
Lol the lower is Krlyon matte black, But next on my list is a metal body. I cracked a tab in the cold so its time to move to a metal one so that way it doesn't get worse.

Originally Posted by Karnage View Post
All these differences are making consumers very confused about what they are actually buying. I can let you guys know that there are 2 different types of G&G clear guns that were offered (I believe CAS made their own custom).
The differences listed by G&G?

The more expensive have metal uppers, ball bearing bushings and ball bearing spring guide.

The cheaper have nylon/fiber uppers, normal metal bushings and original spring guides.
Most retailers are selling the good ones, with the ball bearings and metal goodness.
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Imagine ads for semen restaurants. I can see it now... "Come to Seminal Sam's, where you can eat loads without blowing all your wad..."
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