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Originally Posted by ShadowNet View Post
If you bought it from Shootsoft, Buy Airsoft, CAS or Velocity Arms, then the upper receiver is Nylon Fibre. Even says so on their websites. Like I said, the nylon fibre isn't cheap plastic. They are extremely tough and feel cold to the touch. I've gotten my hands on both G&Gs from Mach1/007 and Buy Airsoft/Shootsoft. They are very similar, except the upper receivers.
That's strange, because I'm now 100% sure that my upper receiver is metal. The paint on some spots has worn down (charging handle area, inside areas from disassembling), and underneath it's a shiny silver colour. Perhaps the first batch was different?

HUGE EDIT: My gearbox shell is indeed metal, painted black. Sorry for any trouble or confusion caused.
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