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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
Here you go, seized, appealed, and appeal dismissed.

You can find many of these if you go over the CBSA publications.
Good read tho. I was especially intrigued by the definition of Antique Firearms.

“antique firearm” means

(a) any firearm manufactured before 1898 that was not designed to discharge rim-fire or centre-fire ammunition and that has not been redesigned to discharge such ammunition, or
(b) any firearm that is prescribed to be an antique firearm.
From what I can gather, if it's a replica of a firearm that is considered Antique, the airsoft replica would be legal. Therefore that would mean that say a Mauser C-96 (circa 1896) airsoft gun would be legal. The Luger P-08 (circa 1898) might also fit in this category.

Can anyone verify this ?

If it's true, there might be a lot more WWI-WWII milsim in the futur lol

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