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Yes, I have. If you import the right airsoft guns properly, declare them impropery as replica firearms (which they really are not), under proper personal and business licenses and credentials, they seize them anyway because they are knuckleheads. Then you formally appeal the seizure and amps penalties and require them, in writing, to send the devices to the RCMP labs for forensic testing and determination, per there memorandum D-17-42, and then you go through about a year of farting around with an appeal to the recourse directorate in Ottawa, and the Minister of Public Safety; they gave them all back and dropped the amps penalty and seizure (after trying to get the investigations section to criminally investigate me); THEN, if you can stick with the same supervisory Agent at the same port from there on (and he doesn't hate your guts but wants to play nice because you filed a conduct complaint against him in conjunction with the seizure and amps penalties) you will be able to import them. I own enough real airsoft guns to arm a small country and they are in Canada. At least I won. I can't say more than that. As I am new on the board I am wearing asbestos underwear and now ready to be flamed, ridiculed, and scoffed by all the guys who think I am making this up.

Sincerly; "theoretical lameass"

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