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Originally Posted by Calvinnation View Post
To all those airsoft lovers out there which gun do you prefer:

the M16 or the AK-47
Discuss your answers
For me there both very close I own a TSD M16 and a JG AK-47 and I like both alot.
JG AK-47 pros: 380 fps with .20, large type battery, full stock, looks great, full metal, realistic weight,

cons: the hop up slides alot, fire selector switch also slides alot, came with plastic waffle mags that shoot alot of blanks,

TSD M16 pros: 360 fps with .20, large type battery, full stock, 42'' long, heavy, accurate, removable carrying handle/front sight, full metal
cons: uncomfortable to hold, very long (sometimes annoyig in smaller areas), the charging handle often sticks, fore grip is kind of wobbly
Where did you get your tsd m16?
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