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Anyone Ever Had A Gun Confiscated ?

Hi Guys; I got a totally hypothetical question for you all this morning.

God knows none of us would ever try to import an Airsoft Gun from outside of Canada, because we all know that it is wrong and immoral.

So lets just say, that some "lame ass", ordered an Airsoft gun from Kaznikistani, and it happened to get searched by Customs Officials at the Border, what happens from there?

I have heard rumors that the item gets confiscated, and sometimes it gets sent back to the sender. But other than that what else can happen to the sender or the sendee?

Do any of you guys know "a guy" who has a friend that tried to do this, and what was the punishment for the indiscretion?

**Disclaimer**In no way shape or form am I condoning or recommending this activity to anyone, it is just something that I have always been curious about.

Thanks for reading

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