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Originally Posted by coachster View Post
UPS likes to claim that the brokerage fee "has nothing to do with us" and is paid up front by UPS to the broker on your behalf. Its partly true; it does work that way and they are two separate companies.

What they won't tell you, though, is the broker has only one customer, UPS, and the broker firm is 100% owned by UPS.
I've actually had UPS deliver stuff, charge me at the door for all the fees, and then have the "brokerage company" invoice me again for those same charges by mail, even after I'd already paid the full amount to UPS directly. Even though I had all the proof that I'd paid, they still sent my account to collections because I refused to pay again - the UPS collections department. So it shows that the broker is indeed a UPS owned company. I eventually got it straightened out, but there's no way I was paying all those charges a second time, THEN appeal the decision... assholes. I hate UPS.
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