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Found this on another forum:

You should be clearing your own products if you are running a business. It's easy. Short answer goes like this:

Have the shipper note on the outside of the carton it will be cleared by you. You need something that can be used as an invoice for customs ... they accept almost anything (eg a printout of an email is perfectly fine with them) but must list quantity, unit price, and total price per item. Haul that down to your local customs office, pay "the 1.35", and haul the paperwork down to UPS. Get your goods handed over or delivered without the brokerage fee.

UPS likes to claim that the brokerage fee "has nothing to do with us" and is paid up front by UPS to the broker on your behalf. Its partly true; it does work that way and they are two separate companies.

What they won't tell you, though, is the broker has only one customer, UPS, and the broker firm is 100% owned by UPS.
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