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Originally Posted by L.S.J.S View Post
A Bunch of stuff
1 x ECHO1/JG M4 Complete Front Set
1 x P Force Silicone Spray 50ml
1 x TSD 0.25g 5000bbs
1 x JBU 6.03mm High Precision Barrel for M4
1 x JBU Version 2 Spring Guide with Bearings
1 x JBU Nozzle for M4
1 x JBU Shim Set
1 x Madbull M130 Spring
Ouch. You're got a nice shipment there. Have your tube of Astroglide ready for when the UPS guy arrives. You're going to get RAPED with brokerage charges.

I outright refuse to deal with anyone that ships UPS only from outside Canada unless the order is under $20, where they can't charge you brokerage fees. And if a seller ships UPS when they were supposed to ship via another method, I'll refuse to accept the package. UPS have fucked me way too many times. I'm never giving them another penny of my money.
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