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that was my plan the whole time, sence from the videos of the nearby arena seems to show its more grassy, with some buildings and not many trees I'll probaly go with CANPAT, but thats not definite, for boots, me and my dad both snowmobile, and we have some realy good long boots that might be good untill I can get me some good boots, for eye protecction I've always been going for a paintball mask, and just maby I'll get some ballistic goggles to go with it, just for added protection, I need to get a loader, and for batteries I'm thinking of a very unusual system, I might go with a solar panel on top of a backpack, and somehow use that in tandem with a battery, that way I have unlimited power in the light wich is amplified by the battery, and in the dark, the battery would do all the work
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