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Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
No, you're stating an opinion that people are wrong in their assumptions that one thing is better to another. Where your logic fails here is that HK are better for some rather than others. Where other guns are better for others for completely different reasons. The human being is a creature of choice and comfort; one will find an AR the most comfortable and best investment from its original form to its latest and greatest. Where as another will swear by the AK lines. This is not so much fan-boyism as it the human nature of choice. My neck and shoulder frame is much more comfortable with an AR or G36 than it is with an MP5, AK, UMP. However I feel far more comfortable with a Remington 700 civilian version or just about any rifle along its light of stock than I do AR's or G36. But I would not swear my life to an M700 for the simple reason of their typical low magazine capacity, but I won't disillusion anyone that an automatic is more reliable than a bolt action weapon. So, I can tell you that any BA are far more reliable than any automatic you show me, and that is not fanboyism, that is a mixture of time proven results and person opinion as well.

Fanboyism, is when you push the illusion of something being better than its worth. Saying that spending $12g on a Berret makes it the best weapon on the market is retarded. There are many .50cal weapons that can be had at half the cost and be just as useful/reliable and even more accurate. While Berret M82A1's have proven that they can dish out the .50's at speed, the question of how far they are accurate to at such fire rates remains to be seen, since any non-stop fire I've seen out of a Berret has been most jerk offs trying to shoot standing and they're nearly being knocked over. And if the accuracy range is the same as an M2 Browning, then why is this rate of fire such a "big deal" when we already had that with a much bigger ammo cap ((under constant fire))?

Gran Torino was a good movie, judging by your "associations" of the film to previous comments in this thread; I'd say you missed a great deal of the movies meaning. The problem with Gran Torino is that it does what even the best of Eastwoods films do, takes a GREAT story, great build up, and drops two scoops of gay with a sprinkle of fail at the end, JUST so it can have some sort of philosophical meaning rather than the Dirty Harry solution we always expect. That said, the meaning in this movie was pretty damned good, and his execution of it was awesome, just I wanted Dirty Harry ending damnit...
you are correct
but personal prefrence and self logic was not at all my target from my pet pev
the point i was making is that it annoys me that people tend to use there personal prefrence as the all supreme choice as "the best choice" for all and try to argue and prove till the end that they are right and there "choice" is in fact better then some one elses
like dogs pissing on the same poll one after the other-- claming its theres
egos vs egos as we all sit back here eating are ego waffles

"get off my lawn" was directed to this pet pev
and was not related towards the movie
plus i just felt like saying it haha

Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Errr ok. Well comparing Systema to Tokyo Marui is like comparing Ferrari to Honda. No arguing there, Ferrari/Systema wins by a mile.

Yes i said it.
but not all kids have a ferrari or lamborghini "super car dream" poster on there wall
to some people a fairly reasonably priced lotus which could vary well out perform other "super cars" in the turns at a quarter of the price is what they consider there "dream car"

all relating back to the "its not the car, its the driver that you should be watching out for" which we here seem to be so familiar with such a similar term
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