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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Errr ok. Well comparing Systema to Tokyo Marui is like comparing Ferrari to Honda. No arguing there, Ferrari/Systema wins by a mile.

Yes i said it.

That's funny, because Honda has had IMPRESSIVE results in the last three years since returning as a FULL F1 vehicle manufacture instead of just engine supplier as it has been for a long while. And even it its rounds some years ago Honda had impressive results as well. Comparing a Honda Civic to an F1 might seem no contest, but to the average every day Joe, the Civic STEAM rolls the F1 for the win. F1's are useless for anything but going fast on highly maintained surfaces, where as the Civic in say a four door can support a family and all its needs; not to mention operate at legal speeds with comfort and safety.

But only a fanboy would have to bring something up and push the "disillusion" of something when no one else even mentioned it or anything remotely to it ((by fanboy standards)).

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