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Originally Posted by Beazer View Post
Peeps leaving a message with their same name at the bottom.
I think most of us can figure out who posted the god damn thing.

That and people who like HK guns...they suck in real life, quit bragging about them in airsoft(especially USP's)

edit-peeps saying +1
biggest pev is how people compare brands of guns to other brands or guns to guns both from airsoft and or real steal

honestly its like arguing that hondas are better then toyotas or subarus are better then mistubishi (sorry but mitsubishi does have its quality problems... i have facts... im a mechanic)

but shit people saying that hk are shit but 50% (or what ever) of the world is using there guns ...

or ARs are the best and theres nothing more precise

shit its just an argument of "oh my cars faster then yours"

really who gives a shit if you dont like the gun or if your the guns bitch
if you dont like you dont like

fanboys will always exsist

just like war will always exsist as long as us humans are on this planet
and peace is nothing more then an argument of who has a bigger e *****

human--we our are own catalyst

"just get off my lawn"

and also that damn annoying bb rattle on that one guys hip

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