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Depending if you want to spend all your money on just your gun stock, some good choices are, like Kuro and Crunch said, CA and TM. If you want a less expensive gun and use the rest for other things, JG's are also getting very good with their new guns and are great if you don't want to spend $500+

You might also want to consider your size. Say, if your 5"8ish you don't want to get a huge gun like a full stock M16, you might want to look into smaller guns like M4's, MP5's, smaller AK versions or else you will probably find it's too big to handle.

Also, look into where you'll be playing, the FPS limit for your field.

Hope that helps.

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Is there a Cansoft Banhammer with a clear plastic shaft? And will it be compatible with full metal/wood Banhammers?

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I'm a sniper.

Because I'm fat and can't run fast.

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