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Just starting out

Hi, just joined the forum. I have read your intro to airsoft for newbs thread, and decided to get some advice. I have played paintball for over ten years and have recently decided to try something else. In the noobs guide it suggest staying away from M4 style guns. I am very comfortable with this style as I use to carry one ( well c8 actually) for work. Is there an Aeg assault rifle that is solid, can be ugraded and can receive a good battery and HI cap. mag that you could suggest. I figure I can invest about $700 dollars initially. I already own tons of cammies and tac vest from paintball. So the $700 would just be for the gun and accessories. Also can I use my paintball masks in airsoft. Thanks for the help in advance. I would consider it a favor if you could put links along with the names to help.
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