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heres my post about my upgraded parts from the other thread: also helps identify the problem with people wanting bushings on their upgraded parts (might not work)
as far as bull barrels and chambers are concerned yes TM fits perfectly. now the spring plug(i have the hollow version) with the full length guide rod sticks out my wilson combat about 1mm from the end of the actual slide.

im not in Canada now so i cant take any pictures, but if you discard the bushing idea. all TM spring plug +chamber nd such would fit just fine. but if you want the one i showed you i cant promise it wont stick out 1mm like the hollow one on my wilson combat.

This is what i got for my Wilson Combat :
Shooters design


+Airsoft surgeons 150+ spring set.

it runs flawlessly. im not sure if the hollow spring plug with the guide rod is suppose to stick out as opposed to this one:

but i would suggest asking redwolf or WGC to measure that one and compare the length to the one i use. if it is the same then u cant use it as the spring plug will stick out too much for the bushing to lock. but if u wanna run my setup then go for it. it works great and makes 80% of the slide wobble go away.
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