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Noobie question on airsofter in Toronto

Hi all. I've been really wishing to get into airsoft for a number of years now. My major problems (aside from not having a gun or gear....but this can be rectified) has been not knowing anyone personally who's an active airsofter here in Toronto. I'm sure most of you have friends you game with, but in my case there are no friends I know who are into it.

Living near Defcon paintball, I feel like there's a whole world of fun going on that I'm simply not able to be a part of.

So my question(s) is; how did you local Toronto airsofters find teamates and other gamers? Can you just show up to a scheduled airsoft night and play? I'm assuming most players would all know one another, and no one would probably want some noob unknown on their team. How 'closed' or 'open' can they be?

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