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Gamer. 1 AEG and 1 GBB. It's all I need for now, and all my $$ allows. I try to make it out as often as I can, and I'd be going to FR every week but frankly I just can't afford it right now. So I content myself with running sims in my head constantly. My G36 is my baby, but by no means is one gun a collection :P If I had the money I'd be at FR on mondays, TTAC tuesdays and fridays, Splatter's on thursdays, and any saturday game I could get my hands on. Alas....gas and entrance fees inhibit such wonton play. Watch out when I get a job again though....I have a strange feeling my paycheques won't last long I know right now I'm not out once every 3 weeks, but you can't blame a man for not whoring himself out for a couple of scrims a week, can you?
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