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I think most people will agree that of all the Chinese clones, JG / Echo 1 are the best brand with the best consistency. You can't expect perfection for any low-cost Chinese product, and there will be lemons. But generally speaking, JG tend to be the top of the heap when it comes to Chinese AEGs.

And people whose only experience with JG was a couple of years ago will more than likely bash them, because it's only in the last 2 years or so that they've seriously stepped up their quality. Like I said, there are still some defects here and there, but they're getting fewer and far between compared to other Chinese brands.

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And Old School Punk, that early version JG Mp5 you have is not a JG it is a WELL.
Correct. That's no JG and shouldn't be compared to one. The Well G2 is a pretty shitty gun all around, as is anything by Well.
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