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Originally Posted by Brodie_BHD View Post
I have personally ordered 2 Items from them... first off was my JG Bar10 G spec which came super fast without any delay and no problems at all. Secondly was my L96 which I had problems with. I waited nearly 2 Months for it to arrive with no communication during that time period. Upon arrival I was greeted with a box that said "UTG Shadow Ops Sniper rifle" I was like WTF? I ordered the Well Version of this gun that came with a scope and bipod... So I just open it up anyways seeing how they are pretty much the same gun and to my surprise theres no scope. There was 2 mags but no scope which sucked.

I emailed them asking why they advertised it as something it really wasnt? No reply. I wasnt very satisfied after that and wont be placing anymore orders from them.

Never receive your email about this situation, when this kind of situation arrive we will reply with a solution!!

by exemple, Gundy G, could tell...

Yes He do have a trouble with is l96, and we always respond to is email! He could maybe tell to everyone it's &*%&%?%%&, and he could also tell we did take our responsability!!
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