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Friendly Noob Advice

As a noob...jumping into the Border Wars Series will certainly put you in a "baptism of fire" very quickly as you'll have the opportunity to participate with a lot of dedicated and skilled folks within the sport.

As Brian has said earlier....its the effort and dedication you have to win the fight rather than simply the equipment load out. You play with what you can afford.

It is suggested that you attend the TTAC 3 convention in February to get a better idea of what the sport offers as it will also be a one-stop shopping opportunity for you.

If you're going to enlist in BW III - continue to monitor the threads for updates and you should decide which side you'll enlist in. Once you've decided, the respective commanders will post additional items of interest and/or instructions in addition to the BW III rules.

This year BW III will involve all day fighting on Saturday with a dusk/night engagement as well as additional fighting on Sunday so be prepared to give it your best. As a Milsim, we feel you'll be challenged and perhaps stressed a little as things can change quickly just as in real theatre action.

Don't feel intimidated to experience this event but be prepared to fight with some very experienced soldiers on both sides. If you're going to be at the convention, drop by the Force Recon table to learn more on BW III.

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