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Check out C.A.P.S

To date:
- 50 members and growing
- more than a half dozen scoring matches and tournaments
- hundreds of dollars worth of prizes handed out to date
- more than a half dozen sponsors (Canadian, eh!)
- instrumental in working with IPSC to set forward a provisional rulebook for IPSC Action Air (we didn't get to pick the name...)
- currently (started Jan 1st 2009) under IPSC probation
- private ASC forum/team bunker
- 4+ events a month
- garnering interest across Canada (most recently Alberta)
- public website, private forum in the works

With guys like Shooting Chef working with IPSC, Brian hosting at TTAC3, MadMax working his mechanical mojo and Illusion going ape with the bling...there's some serious momentum.

Headline Footage at KillHause Entertainment

Want to find out more?

PM myself, Shooting Chef, Illusion, Brian McIlmoyle
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