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Huge update from Airsoft GI

Airsoft GI sent in a rather large update with some helpful info in there aswell

Airsoft GI 101 covers many of the basic things a new player needs to know about how to play, how not to play, and general AEG maintenance. This is a great beginner’s guide to proper airsofting, and it can be found on our website at

Also, in recent news, the techs and marketing department have collaborated and put together a head to head to head review of the Echo 1, Tokyo Marui, and Classic Army P90s. A snippet of their review is as follows:

For a long time Tokyo Marui has held the throne on the only reliable, competition capable, P90 AEG. However recently there are new players in this ballgame, Classic Army and Echo 1; and Airsoft GI is going to give you the first head-to-head-to-head comparison on the ultimate CQB AEG. For our control factors we’ll be using the same model from the different manufacturers, the TR version, and a Guarder Chronograph for all FPS readings. First take a look at the following chart for a quick overview:

For the entire review visit: click me

We have the new line up of CYMA AKs in stock; they may look exactly the same as the others but these newer, improved models are built to shoot better and last longer.

Combat Machine has done something phenomenal! A Blow Back M16 Carbine ( M4-A1 ) for under $200.00! Up until now if you wanted a blowback M4 you had to pay upwards of $400.00 or more. The Combat Machine Blowback M4 is the same affordable, quality built, Combat Machine M4 but with Top Tech's phenomenal blowback bolt system. The new Combat Machine is everything you could want from your affordable M4 and more. Combat Machine is dedicated to providing good quality, affordable guns to their customers, and their attention to detail is evident in their second release.

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