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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
I entirely agree with you Pusagani. i would do that, if it were an option for me. But as it happens, my parents don't agree with airsoft, so they wont drive me, and i would have to find an alternate means of transportation, witch i don't have. The border wars carpool will have a bus that stops right by my house, and even if i don't play well or am pushed aside for better equipped players, its still valuable experience to say the least.In addition, i was never seriously considering bringing a walmart AEG to the BW, i was just toying with the idea. next week im buying an Aftermath Broxa for my main gun, and id probably bring my walmart M4 to an event as a spare. I am still trying to get my parents to take me to that event next week over in whatsitsface place, i forgot the name, ill read it later >.>
Take a bus?

It would be really beneficial to play a few games and understand how airsoft works before jumping into a big Milsim event. The event costs $120 or do, you really feel like bringing a gun that costs less than that and expect to be competitive and have fun?

If you're getting verified DO NOT BUY A BROXA, you will be able to get better guns just have some fuckin patience and wait, your Broxa will quickly be up for sale in the classifieds once you realize you don't want it and nobody is gonna buy it as they can easily be had cheaply from Basspro
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