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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Like we said, BW is milsim... not "hose your opponent with BB's".
Respectfully, if we're talking about "true" Mil-Sim here, that means using actual tactics and doing it the way the "real army" does it.

To that end, you need to win the firefight and that is only done by hosing your opponent(s) with BB's.

Winning the firefight is not about shooting at them, and letting them shoot back at you and may the best man win. Likewise, it also has little to do with shooting only when you have a target.

It's about shooting so much at them (or their location) that they can't poke a piece of themselves out to shoot back at you, for fear of getting shot themselves. When they are in this state, they are suppressed.

When they are suppressed, your assault unit moves in - ideally on a flank, but neverhtheless, closes in on their position to shoot the opposition while they are trying to hide from the suppressive fire. In short, it makes the fight an unfair one for them and gives you an advantage.

The only "catch" is, that this can only be done while genuinely working as a team and to do this well, requires practice and LOTS of communication.

Hope that helps!

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