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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
SOOOOOO.... That means the 560 round double mag that comes with my Broxa is no good. Damn. and i did read the page, i just didn't fully understand it. where it says manual loaders only, does that mean no speedloader? i have to load rounds one at a time?
Most milsim games have similar rules. It means high capacity (150+ round) magazines aren't allowed for sub machine guns and rifles. They're only allowed for support weapons. You have to carry low and mid cap mags (50-100 rounds for MP5s). In some cases, you're not allowed to reload mags in the field. You have to do so at your respawn point. No powered speed loaders are allowed. Manual loaders (pistol or M4 mag-style loaders, or loading rods) only.
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