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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
300 rounds per person... you mean, for the whole game event? or for one magazine. and Amos, yes I'm 18, turned 18 December 9th.
300 rounds on your person at any given time. That could be in 3 mags holding 100 rounds, or 10 mags holding 30 rounds, or 1 mag holding 300, or any other variation so long as it doens't exceed 300.

Since I'm guessing you didn't read them yet, here's the ones from Boarder Wars:
Unlimited MID & LOW CAP only.
So, you can carry as many mags as you want, but only mid-caps or low-caps. This means each mag can only have approximatly 100 rounds. So, if you want to carry 10 100-round mags, all the power to you.

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