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Can't fix my own guns. Willing to fix yours.
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I entirely agree with you Pusagani. i would do that, if it were an option for me. But as it happens, my parents don't agree with airsoft, so they wont drive me, and i would have to find an alternate means of transportation, witch i don't have. The border wars carpool will have a bus that stops right by my house, and even if i don't play well or am pushed aside for better equipped players, its still valuable experience to say the least.In addition, i was never seriously considering bringing a walmart AEG to the BW, i was just toying with the idea. next week im buying an Aftermath Broxa for my main gun, and id probably bring my walmart M4 to an event as a spare. I am still trying to get my parents to take me to that event next week over in whatsitsface place, i forgot the name, ill read it later >.>
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