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Originally Posted by White_knight View Post
no way i thought it was like 100$ for a box of 10. gotta link ?
Well, you're probably right. The cost will be up there once you get them shipped and all. I've seen the star set for $50... can't remember where though.

Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
sorry those two lines were seperate, i know how to get age verified, but i couldnt find a list of gear i would need for the border wars in the rules and procedures thingy
and if a wal mart gun is no good, I guess Im buying that broxa, but is it a strict requirement that it be painted black, or just a suggestion? I know I don't really want to, and my parents wound definately shit themselves.
The game is milsim. If you're happy with a clear gun when everyone else is using one that's painted black, that's fine. You will get looks though. Border Wars is not a simple skirmish -it's a day long military simulation game with strict ammunition and equipment requirements.

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