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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
i was pretty sure that black painted guns are illegal in Canada.
and no, im not TRYING to get laughed off, im just on a tight budget so im trying to see what i can get away with.
i dont think this is the game you want to be playing on a tight budget, not only will you most likely brake the 90$ POS during the game, you will also need some gear since this is a milsim. airsoft is not a cheap sport, and getting bargin bin guns will get you the same amount of use as burning your cash. the best thing to do is save up some cash and get a good starter gun. sure you can bring a 20$ springer to game, but why would you want to bring the worst gun you can find to one of the biggest milsims in the country? imho save up and get a starter gun, cyma aks go for around 320 here in canada and are all metal. that you most certinly could take to a game and know it would last you.
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