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Originally Posted by Rainman416 View Post
I'm Gearing up for the spring break starting monday 16th-fri february 20th.
I'm looking for some fields near Toronto, preferably indoor and outdoor.
I looked around the Ontario Fields Forum but most of those places all advertise paintball on their website. Do they do airsoft too? At Niagara Tactical for example? Is there a big amazing field that stands out in anyones mind? Within 2-4 hours from Toronto? I could run a carpool up there during that break if anyone knows a good place!?!?

Definitely should check the Ontario Game thread for locations near you.

If you are looking for fields in Toronto the places I like to go to are:

Defcon Paintball - Holds regular games every other Sunday (One is coming up this week if you want to try)

TTAC3 - Downtown Toronto area, hardcore CQB place where Pistol is king and its fast pace fun
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