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Originally Posted by ShadowNet View Post
Don't quote me on this, but I think the difference between Mach1, 007Airsoft G&Gs and Buy Airsoft, CAS, Shootsoft are the price. Buy Airsoft, CAS and Shootsoft seem to have lower prices and bundled with battery, etc because the upper receiver is not metal. It's some tough nylon fibre. Mach1 and 007 have metal upper receivers.

HaHa qutoed! lol no i just wanted to say +1 on it and for the internals iim not sure but same smoekd receiver for both and exactly the same outer except the upper half receiver? mhm im pretty sure there the same

I know your gonna say there Top tech G&G and Combat machine i dont care there all made and G&G liscenced (or w-e how you spell )
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