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Originally Posted by Gundy G View Post
So I was looking for a new L96 and all the sites said in they're description of the gun that they now only sell with one magazine, all but Shootsoft, so I decide to order through them, Early December this is. Some weeks later with no updates on my order I become irate and ask where it is, it hadn't even shipped yet, apparently some BBs broke in the box and they were giving me 2000 freebies as compensation for the wait, time passes, I receive my gun.

Where to begin, after nearly a month of waiting I recieve: wrong color gun, barrel nearly falling off, BB's all over the place, its a mess, it doesn't even shoot nearly close to 460 fps, missing an aforementioned magazine. And a host of other niggling problems, I'm not impressed and tell them and send it back.

TO MY AMAZEMENT they tell me upon receiving it that it is indeed broken, and that no I cant get my money back, they'll replace it through TSD themselves, here I am nearly 3 weeks after this and still no updates and I'm short 350 dollars. I could have ordered the same thing from buyairsoft and got it in fine condition as I have before in less time than this fiasco. Any recomedations?
Man that Sucks Gundy.
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Dammit, White Knight never should have made this, now Planters is gonna show this picture to the entire internet saying "This is when I cleared the cornfield outside of Baghdad and found Saddam Hussein! DRRRRR I'M BLACKWATER!!! DRRRR! Oh hai Ronan! *insert ***** in mouth*"
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