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007 Quality service and product


I want to give top marks to Ken Cheung of 007 Airsoft. Over Christmas I purchased a G&G GR16A3 from Ken; his service and comms were great and my gun was shipped promptly via the carrier that I specified. I ordered it on Boxing Day and he answered my email the same day!

The gun itself has proven to be everything that it was claimed to be, on the 007 website. Pending a full review, I can say that the gun is very well made and has a maximum amount of metal. Basically the lower receiver is the only major part not made of metal or nylon fiber as per the real deal. I won't bother to recap the specs from the 007 website, but I will give a quick overview.

The Good:

* Full metal upper and outer barrel.
* NO barrel wobble at all, this puppy is rock solid.
* The hand guards fit tight and will not fall out. You have to work to remove
* The fit of the stock to the receiver is rock solid, not a trace of movement.
* The pistol grip has no play or looseness.
* Everything inside the receiver is painted black, so the clear lower is not
offensive to look at.
* The gun comes with a barrel wrench so you can tighten or remove the
barrel as in a real M-whatever.
* Test firing indoors at 60 feet shows that this gun is very accurate and the
iron sights are a pleasure to use. It shoots better than *I* do.
* This gun is very solidly constructed and has a nice heft to it.
* The clear lower is very strong and solid and should stand up well to game

The Bad:

The barrel locking nut was not tightened all the way at the factory. A quick tweak with the barrel wrench fixed that in a few seconds. Not really bad, but the only thing I could find wrong with it.

The Ugly:

The welts this beast will leave on your victims. I don't own a chrono, but
the trusty Coke can shows that it is shooting at least 350 fps. Through-and-through in the side and a near-penetration in the center of the bottom using .25 KSC BB's.

Ken is a standup guy who treated me right and you can buy from him with confidence. These G&G's are a great deal for the money, in my opinion. Some won't like the clear lower, but a bit of paint can fix that in no time.

I am very pleased with my GR16A3 and would certainly buy another G&G from Ken.
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