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alright, i've have the JG M4A1 for about 1 week now, and to be honest i'm not overly impressed. despite having a fairly nice weight to it the plastic body makes it look way less intense. because of this, i used electrical tape to cover the plastic parts. (i do play on painting it in the future, plz reply with any tips on how to do it) anyways i took it out on my first shooting test, it stopped shooting after firing maybe 12 bbs. i had to reload the mag to get it working again; not a big problem, but annoying. the battery is just a pain.. it bairly fits into the plastic forgrip, and you have to bend it go get it closed. but the gun isn't all bad. although its rate of fire isnt that great, it shoots very hard and is very accurate. not a bad gun overall, but i don't feel i really got my money's worth. i'd go with G&G.
Well if you want to paint it black, or a camo design i would go with Krylon Camouflage Paint. You can pick them up at any Canadian Tire for $5 a can, and they have black, brown, green and tan colors.
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