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Originally Posted by GabeGuitarded View Post
This is what makes it difficult for the diligent, obedient minors to be taken seriously. And can give the airsofting community a bad image as a whole. Whether or not ASC does its best to not be associated with an event like this, a large percentage of the public would still just generalize and look down on all airsofters.
Except that the public does not know that there is any such thing as "airsofters" or that there is a "community" at all. You would have to know about something to look down on it.

a bunch of kids getting busted for being stupid... does not make every person who owns an airsoft gun stupid..

It is much more likley to result in people generalizing that most adolecents are stupid.. or at least don't always think things through.. which would be 100% accurate.
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