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Originally Posted by Pvt Vince View Post
Lol a ban list for what? Some game admin wants to start banning people on the field because of what's been done on a forum?

Uh, not entirely. This was originally a ban due to a trade issue. Bans on trade issues are important because it ensures the integrity and trust of transacting online through ASC. In this instance the verifier knowingly circumvented the ban in order to enable this individual to conduct business again. This is a little beyond banning someone for using the F-word or something like that.

And yes, bans can occur because of on field actions and there are past precidents for it. It does not happen often, but when it does, there is generally board-wide consensus that its a good idea.

Bans are not taken lightly here, but when they do happen, its usually for a good reason. This particular case is pretty clear cut.
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