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To the original poster. If youre going to ask for advice and then ignore it when offered, please discountinue the using this website. Statements have been made and reenforced by members of this website of the items quality and upgradability. If you continue to swat away and disregard information, you will find that the members of this website will become reluctant (at best) to assist you.

Allow me to reiterate to you the info that has already been given to you.
-The MP7s internal design is that of an AEP mechbox not that of an AEG.
-It is an upgradeable gun however parts are difficult to find and even more of a pain to install. Installing a higher strength spring in an AEP mechbox will up the chances of its failure due to its design.
-The only way to use a custom battery with the MP7 would be to purchase an external battery kit and rewire the gun to house the battery externally in a PEQ some form of battery bag.

TokyoMarui produces a good quality MP7, infact they were the first to make an airsoft MP7, all other companies simply copied their design. TokyoMarui is known for using quality parts and maintains a good level of quality control on their products. All other clones and smaller asian companies buy their parts on bulk from the lowest bidder and assemble their items for hasty sale with little to no quality control. You may recieve a lemon or you may recieve one that will work just fine.

The use of a lighter weight BB (0.12g) may increase your FPS but FPS is not everything. Due to the light weight of the BB simple things like wind and leaves will easily deflect and alter the course of the BB flight path. It would be recommended to atleast use a 0.20g bb.

Finally in closing, Im sure you are farmiliar with this websites rules and policies in regards to airsoft. ASC and the majority of its user base strictly maintains airsoft should only be purchased and owned by those who are of the legal age of consent in this country. That age being 18 years. Please do not ask questions in regards to what is a good gun or how good a gun is or where to aquire an airsoft gun on this website because it shows that you do not care or respect this websites policy.

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