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Wait until you're 18, the you'll be able to find good guns of all types.

I told you before. Your best access to good airsoft guns is in the ASC Classifieds, which you have to be 18 and age verified to view. Considering 90% of hosts won't allow those under 18 to play, it's not like you'll be missing much in the meantime.

Save your money, wait until you are 18, then drop $500-$1,000 on a kit you'll really enjoy. And please, don't give me any of this "I don't want to seriously get into airsoft" BS (not that you will, it's just a common newb counter to our "airsoft is expensive" truism). A good gun and good kit is like night and day to a cheap gun and no kit. If you really want to enjoy this hobby, save your money and wait.

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