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Originally Posted by SomeRandomGuy View Post
Really? aw man, the mp7 is awesome.

Believe me, if I knew where to get a marui mp7, and could get it, I'd get it.
Also, I'm okay with it being a smaller gun, they still make hardened springs for them, or I could just use 0.12 gram bbs because the power is low enough, and there is a store in Surrey that can custom make batteries for you, which I could do if the rof is kinda slow for me. I think I might try it.
.12's will general destroy anything that isn't a shitty Walmart/Canadian Tire gun.

The mechbox in the MP7 (TM and clone) isn't designed to be upgraded. It's possible -but only if it's done well and correctly.

You can get a TM MP7 in the classifieds on this forum. You just have to wait until you are 18. ASC does not generally support the aquisition of airsoft guns by minors. So don't expect anyone to help you to get one.

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