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Taking Applications for Age Verification Representatives

Interested in Becomming an Age Verification Rep for your Region:

If you are interested in helping out in one of our Provinces/Territories then please apply as below:

Bloodsport/Drake will be taking in applications for regional representatives. The conditions for applying are as follows:

1) Have the respect of your local community.
2) Be 18+ years old yourself and age verified.
3) Be honest and adhere to the rules.
4) Be willing to hold meetings or dinners at least once every 2 months if required.
5) Attend or host games regularly.
6) Be capable of keeping records of user names and submitting them promptly.
7) Be a member in good standing of ASC for atleast 2 years minimum.

We need representatives from ALL AREAS across Canada.
Anyone who is willing to give some time back to ASC and the community to help us implement the policy can apply as per the above conditions.

If you apply to volunteer, please note it may take a sometime for a response, as we will review your application, at this time only those selected to be an age verified will be contacted, so please do not send multiple PM's asking for updates on your application if you were not selected check to ensure you meet the requirements listed and reapply in 6 months time if you do.

If you feel you are capable of doing this:
Send an Private Message To: BloodSport & Drake
With the following information:
Reg-Rep Volunteer
Full Name
ASC User Name
Location (Region you can cover)
Contact Email

Please note cheating the system will result in your own removal as an age verifier as well as possible banning from the site. These positions are honour based, if you apply to try and cheat the system to help out others who have lost their access previously and it is found out they will be banned, and your own account will also come into review. Please do not apply under false pretenses.

*** Do Not post in this thread to apply to become an age verifier, that is not the process that was mentioned, and doing so only adds to the fact that you cannot read and follow simple instructions which then leads to the question if you can do the simple job of recording the right information and verifying a persons age. ***
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.

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