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Well after playing paintball for almost 20 years, I'm looking at jumping over to airsoft for a few reasons.

First is the ridiculous cost of paint every weekend. With a membership, paint still costs $120/case (2000rnds) and that will last you the day if you're running a super semi. Even running my mech cocker I still shot almost that. If I'm playing pump then I'll go through maybe 500 in the day.

Second, is the attitude and cheating that seems to have become the norm. I started out playing woodsball, then back in 2004 got into tourney ball. Did that for 2 years and couldn't stand the cheating and teen-punk attitude. I went back to the woods and was having alot of fun again. Then it seemed every 18-22 year old kid with some cash were buying cheap electros and coming to the field walking around like they owned the place cause they had fast guns. Well not half the day would go buy with us more experianced players handing them their asses on a platter that they'd actually want to start fights because they sucked so bad.
Soon it got to the point where the field owners wouldn't let us shoot fast even though we had our guns capped at 15bps. Then we weren't allowed to use our radios. Then we weren't allowed to yell because it intimidated new players. Then we weren't allowed to walk our triggers on semi auto. Etc, etc. so I decided enough was enough.

So in conclusion I'm looking to get into airsoft for the more mature participants and the reduced cost of actually playing.
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