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Rebuilding - Vietnam Website

Some of you may remember a little site called You'll even find it tucked away up in a drop down menu here on ASC.. Under News/Info.

For those who had an interest in the Vietnam war (and specifically Vietnam War Airsofting), it was a pretty decent place to hang out. Things have fallen by the wayside as I grew older and was pulled away by school and work. However, the time has come to rebuild and renew the site. However, I'm definitely going to need some help. I can (and am willing) to do this alone, but the process will go much faster if interested and dedicated individuals pitch in.

There are three areas where I need the most help to start.

Job Description: Surfing the internet for Vietnam related images.
Requirements: If you pull images from a site, they must be placed into a directory with a text file listing the site name, address, and any photographer names (if present).
Skills: Copy? Paste? Right click, save as?
Example: Pulling images from a veterans site and ensuring they are properly credited when we use them.

Job Description: Pulling data from the old website and forums and preparing it for use on the new site.
Requirements: Ability to sift through data and locate important items. Ability to credit an individual with that information if provided by them. Packaging all that information in a directory with associated images.
Skills: HTML knowledge
Example: Reformatting the old ‘Vietnam Database’ site. Pulling reviews from the old forum.

Job Description: Photographing events, products, equipment, and people.
Requirements: Decent camera and image editing program. Take pictures!
Skills: Ability to use the above said equipment, and to do the task WELL!
Example: Documenting an event. Getting detailed photos of equipment for a review.

If you think you might be able to help, definitely let me know through PM or through email.
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