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Originally Posted by KEVORKIAN View Post
- heavyweight, doesn't feel plasticky & delicate. but its still a TOY
- build quality is top notch even though it lacks trades.
- reliable. so are normal AEG's when done right, and normal AEG's don't have a 50/50 chance of dying when it rains
- easily upgraded with optional cylinders. not as easily as a PTW M4 or ICS M4
- amazing trigger response. I can smoke any PTW's trigger response with my normal AEG's
- semi, burst & full auto. can be obtained with a MOSFET in any AEG
PTW's are awesome for what they do as near perfect firearm simulators but most of that is overrated for practical airsoft games. 50% of PTW owners I talk to can't use them reliably in the rain and I prefer guns that wont burn out a $300 circuit board if I rub my feet on the carpet and touch the gun in the wrong spot (unconfirmed yes but Madmax is not the only one that warns about it.)

If you are new to airsoft, get a regular AEG to start to find out what the game is like before spending that much on a single gun. I'd say in Ottawa (the only area I can speak for) 1/3 to 1/2 of new players end up quitting within the first year and selling their stuff.

If you are looking for as close to a real MP5 as possible for simple target shooting and/or playing airsoft and/or money is not an object, then get a TW5 as no other airsoft MP5 in existence will be as close to a real MP5 as it.
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