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Exclamation Signature rules reminder

I'd like to remind every member that their ASC signature is subject to certain restrictions. I'm seeing a lot of multiple pictures formating these days.

Copied from ASC rules thread.

11) Signature Rules

ONE image, at a maximum of 100 pixels high, 512 pixels wide
Sample size:

If that image is combined with text, the text can NOT exceed 100 pixels in height and 600 pixels wide
Sample size:

If your signature is text only, it can NOT exceed a total of 200 pixels in height and 600 pixels wide
Sample size:

In addition, do not attempt to solicit airsoft gun sales in your signature. That is considered circumventing the Age Verification system. Such a violation can include posting your wish list in your signature, since we have no way of knowing whether it's a list of wishful thinking or an actual shopping list meant to fish for responses.

Thank you for your cooperation.
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