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Originally Posted by KEVORKIAN View Post
I own a TW5 Max and let me tell you some of the bonuses:
- heavyweight, doesn't feel plasticky & delicate.
- build quality is top notch even though it lacks trades.
- reliable.
- easily upgraded with optional cylinders.
- amazing trigger response.
- semi, burst & full auto.
+1 to that, i got to hold this bad boy, and my god is it nice! i could never afford one but it sure is a good way to spend money. the burst is amazing on that thing! the weight is spot on and the ROF is really nice as well.

if you have the money, go for it!
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Wildcard his gun is better than all of yours, he has magpul stuff on it, all the magpuls you can dream of. He has all of them. On his gun. I wish I had magpuls
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Look at all the fucks no one gives Miles, look at them. There is a lot of fucks not being given.

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